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How to Choose the Right Front Door for You

Picking the style should be the first step. Because your custom front door will be a big part of both your interior and exterior design, the style of the door should complement the overall aesthetic of the structure. 

When it comes to our front door installations, we can help you along the way when it comes to choosing your perfect design for your custom door fabrication. 

After picking the style of the door, we will discuss your custom doors material. All of our door frames are made of powder coated aluminum. With more than 7,000 colors of powder coating, the options for customization and color are endless.

Once you have chosen your desired frame, we will move on to the selection of any accents you want. Our door accents are made from glass and/or wood.

Wooden vs Aluminum Doors

Since the material you choose for your doors must be able to withstand its environment, we fabricate aluminum door frames that can be accented with glass and wood. We choose aluminum for our front door fabrications because of its strength, durability and the security it provides.  

Our aluminum frames offer plenty of options for customization. Some choose to go with an industrial look while others opt for more modern glass paneling or traditional wooden accents. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to  what you like. With our experience and your style, we are certain we can help bring the door of your dreams to life.

Our Process

Have no fear - our door fabrication process ensures that every customer will get a door that fits perfectly in the frame and matches their aesthetic to a T. First you will go to our customize page. Enter in your door dimensions, your address and contact details. Once we have received your information, our team will contact you to discuss your desired design and any other details about your dream door.

Once all the necessary information is acquired, and the payments are made, your B4 door will be shipped to you within 21 days. Ask us about our installation services. Though our doors are easy to install, we also provide installation for an additional $350.

Choosing the right door can be hard if you don’t know where to start. Installing doors can even be harder if you end up getting the wrong one. Our team takes pride in what we do and we are always happy to help you decide. 

Our company’s goal is to create beautiful solutions for our clients. This means that your input is very important to your vision. Since choosing the right doors is—for the most part—personal preference, you’re the one calling the shots! 

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