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Where style meets security

Home Deck


When it comes to doors, we do it all. Our custom patio door creations will add a touch of beauty to the back of your house. All of our patio doors are made in the Austin, TX area with powder-coated aluminum and wood or glass accents. We make our patio doors in-house to bring you style and security at an unbeatable price point for the craftsmanship you will receive.


If you are looking for a new front door to transform the front of your house, look no further. Unlike mass-produced front doors like Home Depot front doors or Lowes front doors, B4 Doors are made to your door's exact specifications. Down to the very inch, we craft your front door in our workshop in Spicewood, TX, so that your door arrives exactly how it needs to be. Our front door frames are finely crafted with aluminum, glass and/or wood to create the exact front door that you want.

Home Entrance
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Our hand-crafted exterior French doors bring beauty to the front of your house. These big, beautiful doors are the epitome of class. With their glass accents and strong aluminum frame, they will provide security to your home and they will do it in style.


Style. Safety. Security.



In addition to the exterior French doors we make, we can also create interior French doors for the inside of your home. We handcraft these doors from powder coated aluminum. Due to the powder coating of our aluminum door frames, you can choose from more than 7,000 colors for your interior French doors. Want to stay traditional and choose a black or deep brown? We can do that. Want something crisp and classy? Go for a nice white or cream. And if you really want to go off the wall, you can choose purple, bright green, aquamarine and so much more. The possibilities really are endless...or at least more than 7,000 choices.


If you are ready to replace your closet doors, give us a call. We will handcraft a closet door to your exact specifications. If you have any questions about all of the closet door customizations we can create, give us a call today to discuss exactly what you are wanting for your custom closet door.

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So often, the homes we build or buy come with a big old piece of wood masquerading as a bedroom door. Why not gift yourself a glimpse of beauty every time you enter your bedroom? Our doors are handcrafted in Spicewood, TX and are so much more than just a blank piece of wood. We use aluminum for our frames so they are strong and sturdy and accent our custom door frames with with wood and/or glass to give it the right look and feel that you want.

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Serving Spicewood, Bee Caves and Lakeway

The doors to our homes — especially entry doors or exterior doors — need to be strong enough to withstand wind, rain, and heat - the ever-changing weather in Texas. Aside from being strong, sturdy and secure, our customers also value beauty. At B4 Door, we offer a stylistic door, made locally, that will provide the security everyone needs with the beauty you want.

Some people focus on the durability and security of their doors, while others  prioritize how they look. At B4 Door, our team takes pride in our process of fabricating the highest quality doors that are both secure and beautiful. 

Whatever kind of doors you may need —front doors, metal doors, custom doors, back doors or interior doors —we will assist you in choosing the right one. Whether you have a new home in need of a beautiful front door as the finishing touch or you need a front door replacement, we can create a door gor you that will exceed your expectations.

Give us a call today or fill out our customization form so that we can provide you with a new front door delivered right to your (old) front door.


custom front door austin tx.jpg

"I have to say I am so impressed with your company and how you conduct business.
Very refreshing! I have had so many battles and strange dealings with many during this whole process of building this house and it’s so awesome to know that businesses like yours exist."

Dena Williams


22108 HWY 71, Bldg. 405
Austin, TX 78669

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